About our company

The company Švagelj Severin s.p. is a family company that today writes its success story in Sežana. Švagelj Severin started his activity in Hruševica 40 years ago. He bought his first truck on July 6, 1982. At the beginning of the business, they operated in co-ownership with GATIS. The year 1996 brought expansion and they started the activity that they are still doing today, i.e. the transportation of
petroleum products and fuel oil. The year 2016 was a decisive, as they made an important decision and went their separate ways. In the same year, they moved from Hruševica to Sežana, where they can still be found today. In 2018, the company ŠVAGELJ TRANSPORT IN LOGISTIKA was also estabilished.

Like many entrepreneurs, Severin Švagelj has faced many ups and downs over the decades, but today he can proudly turn to his children, who are involved in the company’s operations, for advice. The company employs 25 employees and currently has 20 trucks at its disposal. In their best years, they had 30 trucks.

The story of Severin is a story of perseverance and courage. However, the company is aware that experience is essential for the successful continuation of the development and growth of the family business, which is why they still swear by the constructive exchange of opinions and intergenerational knowledge.